A lovely day after all!

September 11, 2010 by Toni | Filed under Blathering about what today?.
Look at this lovely day!

Look at this lovely day!

Apparenty, I was made a bald-faced liar today when the skies cleared and the sun came out for awhile! Unfortunately, my mani was crappy and the pics were awful.

I have a dilemma. That is, my right hand (previously known as camera woman) is now playing part of model. I cut the offending broken nail off my¬†left hand, thereby making it pretty useless until it grows back a little bit. It’s a total nub right now. So right hand will be seen in the next possibly blurry photo shoots as lefty has no idea what it’s doing, possibly why it was such a good model. Please forgive my doofus of a lefty for the poor painting jobs and shaky pics to come, lol! I’m still practicing, and damn, is that left hand a spaz!!!

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