Bec’s Buzz Birthday Beauty Giveaway!

September 5, 2010 by Toni | Filed under Blathering about what today?.

Check out Bec’s Beauty Buzz! She’s a peachy sweet Aussie with a love for all things beautiful and fun! And she’s having a fabulous belated Birthday Giveaway! See her site for the rules! Liners and shadows and pigments, OH MY!!!!! We have a working swap, so this would be a great extra in my package, Bec!! LOL! And it so turns out that Bec knows not only my dear Jessica of Polished Lyrics, but also my sweet Jessika of PolishInsomniac!¬†How cool is that?!?¬†Earth is shrinking! (Tell it to stop using SV!) I wonder whom else we may have in common?

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