Hello, again!

September 24, 2010 by Toni | Filed under Blathering about what today?.

HI, Ladies!

Sorry I’ve been out so long. We had a family member pass away and honestly I haven’t felt like doing anything. My nails look pretty dreadful at the moment and I can’t seem to stop my hands shaking to get my polish on right. (Note to self: Ask Dr. to lower dosage of hyper-med!) I haven’t even surfed in a couple weeks or more. In fact, I’ve not been in this room except to get my DH out of here!

Anyway, time marches on. Things are fine here and I have a birthday party for a 3 year old tomorrow, so that should be a blast! Had a great time shopping for her. (Online, of course, but then I went to the store to get what I wanted. Can you believe there were no La La Loopsy dolls on Walmart.com?!? GASP!) They are real cute dolls and I couldn’t wait to get one for her. Thrilled that I got exactly the one she wanted… the one with pink hair. There are technically 3 with pink hair, but this is Jewel Sparkles!

So Bec and Kesha, I’m still working on your swaperoonies! I’ll be sure they’re mailed early in Oct so ya get them soon. Oh, and mailing from the base, for any of you military women… it’s ALOT faster!

Thanks for coming to see me! I’ll have some pretty pics soon!


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