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SH Xtreme Wear Purple Pizazz

September 10, 2010 by Toni | Filed under Drug Store polishes, Glitters, etc., Purples.
SH Xtreme Wear Purple Pizazz

SH Xtreme Wear Purple Pizazz

As you may have noticed, my nails are like a cm shorter now. I decided to give in and cut them all off. I haven’t really shaped them since I tend to keep them squarish for strength anyway. It’s still a shock to look at them, but I can type better, lol.

On to Purple Pizazz! Went on super smooth and easy… I love that brush. This is 3 coats, and I couldve used 4. I need to start wearing a coat of white under everything to cover that vnl. This polish is really purple, much more like the bottle. It pulls a little blue in flourescent lighting and in pictures. It has a good amount (not a ton) of glitter that makes it sparkle in the light, which we’re short of around here, unfortunately. 2$… win! I love the polish and now I only use half the amount!!

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